Bring on The Power Of Young People

Levo Founder, Christian Heiden is, not surprisingly an advocate for action.  He recounts for us a few visits to speak to young people this past month…

A couple weeks ago, I had a chance to speak to two different groups of youth, one in Simsbury, at Saint Mary’s school, and the other St. Raymond of Peñafort Parish’s  CCD and confirmation classes in Enfield, CT. I was thrilled for the opportunity and I got to communicate to young catholic men and women about service, social justice, and most of all hydroponics.

I spoke about the chemistry behind the systems and explained about my experiences in Haiti. I did my own version of motivational speaking. I explained, using my own experience, the power of young people in this country. My main point was that many adults overlook the massive potential of youth. We are seen by others and by ourselves as limited. I made it clear, they were not limited.

In fact, their youth gave them an advantage. The passion and ideas that youth get behind can amount to massive change, and while it is far too early to pat myself or Levo on the back, there is a lot of potential in our work, and in the change we can create.

I was inspired by a young person who came to my middle school class and I hope that someone in one of my recent audiences was likewise inspired. I believe that we all have the power to accomplish great things and that no matter how old we are we should make it our mission to do just that.

Meeting and speaking with these young men and women gave me further hope, as they were engaged and intelligent, excited in their own skills, ability, and potential.

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