Nearly Inconceivable Poverty – Mud Cookies?

If we haven’t said it recently, 1.32 Million people in Haiti are food insecure. 70% of Haitians in rural  areas live on less than $2 a day! We at Levo are determined to ease suffering in the long-term, but are awed by the resilience of those in nearly inconceivable poverty.

                This week has been very good, although challenging. I am thrilled to have Mark Meyering join me down here in Pignon!! He is a member of our advisory board and he is a recently retired chemist at 3M. He has been awesome to have here for many reasons. First of all, he has made great strides in our fertilizing strategy. He brought a small meter that he will leave here which allows us to measure the level of dissolved salts in the water. Using some math and excel we have figured out a more precise strategy for fertilizing. Going forward we will be able to adjust the fertilizer according to a reading on how much is actually present rather than simply on timing. A missionary here at Many Hands named Micah also arrived on the same plane as Mark. She is going to be overseeing the systems for Many Hands once Mark and I head back to the states. We are very excited to have her help. Micah has already proven herself to be a great asset for our team! She is a very fast learner and has really jumped on board quickly. She will help us bridge a key communication gap in the future. We had a meeting with Mark, Claudin, Kely, and Micah about how we want to move forward with working on the systems. It was a really great chance to get together and make sure we were all on the same page.

                I went to the market in Pignon on Saturday with a group from Many Hands. It is always bustling there and personal space is the only thing you won’t find. One of the most shocking things I have seen here is a vendor at the market selling mud cookies. They are literally made from dried river mud and are accordingly very inexpensive. So, people who are extremely hungry will buy mud cookies to put something in their stomach if they cannot afford food. The fact that there is enough of a demand for these cookies to support a vendor at the market is really horrifying to me.

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