How you can Help

Levo could use your help! Your help can come in three ways. First and foremost is financial support through donations. Your donations will help fund the trips down to Haiti as well as the materials for building the hydroponic units in Haiti.

The second way is you can donate your time and ideas. Levo is always looking for volunteers to help us make food stability in the developing world happen. To do this give us a call or shoot us an email!

The last way is you can purchase a greenhouse!

Why Hydroponics?

Hydroponic growing is a up and coming method of farming. Soil is removed from the process, and nutrient rich water is pumped through piping in which the roots of plants sit. This provides the plants with a constant supply of nutrients and water, more optimal conditions than you could ever get through soil farming. This allows the plants in the system to grow at a far quicker rate and produce more vegetables.

Hydroponics is more efficient in water, fertilizer, and space use than traditional farming. In fifteen square feet you can hold sixteen plants, and use half a gallon a day of water for all the plants. With half a cup of fertilizer every two weeks, this greatly outstrips the water usage of soil plants, making hydroponics more environment friendly.

Hydroponics requires little training, and once up and running can provide your family with large amounts of produce. With little work involved (no weeding) and by saving space in your back yard, hydroponics becomes the best option for putting fresh home grown veggies on your table for the busy American family.


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