Why We Do This

We’ve had members of our team on the ground in Haiti since January and have posted several updates from both Nate and Mark. Last Sunday our two man team went to church in Pignon and the Facebook post from Mark Meyering, chemist and Levo Technical Advisor, may be the most succinct statement about why we do this.  We’ve reprinted it here in it’s entirety:

Ambassador’s Log – Sunday, February 25, 2018:

This will be short… not that Sunday was uneventful; it was amazing. I haven’t been able to put words around the experience. I’m gonna leave that to my buddy Cash Lane Slim, who snuck into Haiti on the same plane. Perhaps he’ll put it to music. What you need to know is that we went to church.

Even though everybody dresses up, church is stripped of pretense. Church is not about the grandeur of the building, or the denomination. Nor the language spoken, or the way the hymns are sung. Here is a living and vibrant faith, here is rejoicing. Here are people with grace and gratitude for their blessings; blessings that are all but invisible to me as just another white guy. And yet, I was welcomed, I was embraced. Here, where mercy and brave hope are found, church is a welcoming place. It is not about where you were born or your skin color. If it were, we would be in poverty, and Haiti would be the wealthiest nation on earth.

I am standing on holy ground.

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