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Levo started with one hydroponic greenhouse which was part of an Eagle Scout's project, in Pignon, a town in the Northern Plateau region of Haiti. The following year we built eight greenhouses. By the end of 2018, we plan to have 50 built in the community. The following year we will make it 250.

Levo International uses a simple hydroponic greenhouse design. With our new design, we hang the hydroponic system on a simple steel frame. This drastically cuts system costs, and makes it easier to ship and assemble the hydroponics. The hanging design of the system is why we have coined it as the "Babylon", after the famous hanging gardens. The simple design provides not only a sturdy design which is easy and cheap to repair, but also a inexpensive way to provide high yields of quality produce while using only a few gallons of water a day.

Levo has developed a training method and manual and has already begun the training of Pignon citizens in preparation for a larger scale roll out.  We hope to establish a micro-loaning distribution system. The goal is to develop a sustainable model which will not only provide not only the town of Pignon with produce, but all of Haiti and the rest of the developing world.

Weekly crop of Hydroponic tomatoes in Pignon
Weekly crop of Hydroponic tomatoes in Pignon
The first "Babylon" system installed in the Pignon community
The first "Babylon" system installed in the Pignon community


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